Daily Savings
Made Easy

Digital Asusu is a daily savings scheme that helps low-income earners to save conveniently, efficiently, and transparently.

Save money easily

At the comfort of your location, you can now save money for the rainy day when you need it the most.

Access Credit

Get loans up to five times your savings within three months of signing up.

Value Added Services

Your savings will help you access insurance, affordable housing, pension, profit sharing, and business development support.

Who can Join?

  • Daily Income Earners
  • Small Business Owners
  • Anybody who wants to change their financial situation

Benefits of Joining

  • Daily Savings for better life
  • Access to Micro Credit
  • Earn money from Profit Sharing
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Become an Agent

Earn attractive commissions with your phone at your location by helping other members in three simple ways.

  • Daily Savings: Earn a commission daily, whenever you help members save on Digital Asusu.
  • Withdrawal: Gain members trust, grow your network and earn money by helping them withdraw their savings from Digital Asusu.
  • Credit: Earn more commissions by helping savers access credit on Digital Asusu.
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